With Jesus Christ as the head of the church, Sanctuary is governed by a Board of Elders:

Dr. Ridge Burns:
I have been attending Sanctuary since the very first Sunday. I grew up in a wonderful Christian home and surrendered my life to Jesus at a early age. It was in college that my faith became alive and lead me into ministry as a youth pastor and now non-profit ministry management . As the CEO of InFaith we touch over 700 mission points in the United States with a staff of 210 missionaries. Prior to that I was the President of Forest Home for a decade. I love that at Sanctuary we value each person and the unique gifts each person brings to our church and we encourage each individual to express those gifts in service. I have been married to Robanne for 42 years and we have two children and one granddaughter.

David Dutchover: With Fredricks Benefits in Redlands, David has served teaching a men’s Bible study as well as leading father-son events, overseen the men’s ministry and additionally is a worship leader. David has been married to Julie for 27 years and they have 3 children.

Jerry Earl: A distinguished teacher from Beaumont, he has served in the men’s ministry. Jerry was married to Charlene for 17 years, a worship leader at Sanctuary who is now worshiping in heaven. They have three daughters.

Jon Greenfield: Owner of Plan Tech Professional General Contracting, Jon teaches the men’s Bible study at the Dodge Lodge and was the general contractor for the Sanctuary Ministry Center. Jon has been married to Angie for 30 years and has a son, Andrew.

Joseph Carreon: Joseph serves as a Rooted Facilitator and in the Children’s Ministry. He has been married to Cameron for 14 years and has two children.

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