Hurricane Harvey Releaf

Houston Mission Trip: October 29th- November 3rd

Join the front lines by responding in the wake of Hurricane Harvey. Recovery efforts are in progress for residents who need assistance. You can help now by praying, giving and going. We are net working with a Christian disaster relief agency to better help our team make the most impact. Call Michelle Petite at the church office at 951-750-0130 for more information.

There will be a informational meeting on Sunday, October 15th from 12:30-1:30pm at the Ministry Center. 

Some commonly asked questions:

What’s the organization that we will link up with? North American Mission Board (NAMB)  Click here for their webpage.

What’s the cost to go? There cost is $150 per person to NAMB will be covered by Sanctuary (conditions exist). There will be travail costs to fly out to Houston that we estimate to be $150-$200 per person. Having extra spending money is suggested.

How long is the trip: October 29th- November 3rd

Arrive to Houston by: Monday @ 9am – 11am

Depart: Friday @ 8am

Daily Structure

–       8 am Depart for site

–       12 lunch on site (packed)

–       4:30pm Depart Work-site

–       5:30pm Dinner & clean-up

–       Immediately following dinner – devotion and worship

Possible Site Addresses:

  • Bayou City Fellowship – Spring Branch 1400 Brittmoore Rd., Houston, TX 77043
  • Bayou City Fellowship – Cyprus 12714 Telge Rd., Cypress, TX 7742
  • FBC Galveston  822 23rd St., Galveston, TX 77550


  • Is there an age restriction?  Yes, individuals must be at least 14 yrs. or older. For anyone under 18 years, there must be one person 21 yrs.  or older,  per every 5 people under 18,  to serve as a chaperone.
  • Are background checks required? Yes. There will be no cost to the volunteer.
  • What kind of work will we be doing?
    •  Helping families and churches in the process of rebuilding.
    • Demolition
    • Brush and debris removal
    • Cleaning
  • Clothing?

Closed toe, Closed heel shoes (Work boots preferable), Long pants (worn on work-site), Clothes (willing to get ruined), Sleep Clothing, Hat of some type, Sunscreen lotion, Bug spray, Sunglasses/safety glasses

Tools to bring if able – not required:  Tool belt, Gloves, Hammer, Crowbar/wonderbar, Shovels, Power Drills, Circular saws, Safety glasses

  • Safety & Training On-site training or pre-arrival video
  • Describe sleeping arrangements?
    • Gender separation regardless of marital status.
    • Housing/Sleeping  – Bring your own – Sleeping Bags, cots, air mattresses, sheets,and pillows.  You will be sleeping in close proximity with other volunteers, most likely in open rooms.
  • Will there be shower facilities at the church?   Yes, but please bring towels
  • Will there be laundry facilities? no
  • Can we bring clothes and water for those affected by the hurricane? No. We’re at capacity
  • Can we bring biblical materials to give to those affected? Yes, please
  • How far are the airports from the host churches? 40 minutes to an hour drive depending on which church your assigned.
  • How do we get from the airport to my assigned church?  Taxi or Uber would be recommended.
  • How do we get from the church to the work site and back? We ask that you have your own transportation //however, others who have vehicles will likely have room for you.
  • What about the day we depart to go home? The work day usually ends, even on Sundays, at about 4:30 or 5pm to allow time to get back to the church by 6pm. You may leave any time prior to that to head home.
  • What about meals? Food will be provided on-site free of charge

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