Women's Ministry


Women of the Bible: We will be looking at 6 different women of the Bible and how their lives can impact our lives today. There is no book to purchase, homework is optional and each week stands alone so if you miss a session, you won’t fall behind.

Starts April 10th & 11th and goes through May 15th & 16th. The study will meet at the Ministry Center (1090 5th Street Suite #102A, Calimesa, CA 92320) on Tuesdays 7 pm- 9 pm, and Wednesdays 9:30 am-11:30 am.

There will be childcare for both evening and morning sessions (at no cost).

Cost: $5 for study

Ministry Center, 1090 5th St., Suite 102, Calimesa

For more information contact RobAnne Burns at 909-519-1800.


Women's Small Group Sign-up

Sanctuary Women’s Ministry’s primary purpose is to foster spiritual growth through the foundation of Biblical teaching while enjoying warm, accepting friendships that are multi- generational all while cultivating serving hearts that glorify God.

All studies will be offered at the Ministry Center, 1090 5th St., Suite 102 in Calimesa. Free childcare is available for all sessions but you need to pre-register. 

Sanctuary Women’s Ministry Leadership Team: RobAnne Burns, Georgina Kelly, Jacky Land, Rena Allee, Linda Laurie, Katie Millsom, and Gisela Van Mill.

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