What people are saying about Sanctuary Church. 

Best church ever! Welcoming environment. Everyone at Sanctuary is AWESOME! Our kids ages 5 and 7 absolutely love coming to church. So blessed to have found an awesome church in our neighborhood. Definitely a church for everyone!


I’ve been in the youth group for a few years now and I absolutely love it! It’s seriously changed my life forever!


Spiritual lead worship. Amazing fellowship. A ton of ways to connect with other believers. Great outreach opportunities in the community. A place for people of all ages. Plus free donuts…..


Can not say enough good about this church! ❤ The kids ministry, the jr high & high school ministries, the young adult ministries, the small groups, the women’s bible study, the rooted classes, the friends we’ve made, the spiritual growth we’ve experienced….. I could go on, but better yet, y’all should just come and experience it all yourself!


Sanctuary Church has been such a huge blessing in my life. The very first time I attended 3 years ago I felt the Holy Spirit moving in such a powerful way something I had never felt before that it kept me coming back again and again. I love how Pastor Rod teaches the word of God. He takes the scripture as it is in the Bible and then goes into such great detail about Gods word and is so passionate with his delivery it makes it very easy to understand the message from the scriptures. The fellowship is awesome. I have met lifelong friends in the 3 years I have been attending Sanctuary Church and I look forward to the years to come!!!


This place LITERALLY changed my life. I didn’t grow up in the church so finding one that felt comfortable was a challenge, to say the least. This church is different. No holier-than-thou glares. No clicky high school groups. Just honest people showing us what it looks like to follow Christ. They are welcoming and genuinely caring. Every week the message is clear and concise, straight from scripture and very much alive. This place is changing lives and improving the community by spreading the love and peace of God. I’ve found my home in Him and it’s at Sanctuary.


Sanctuary church changed my life. The lead pastor Is amazing! (Along with most of the other people that attend.) Worship is my personal favorite. They are a church that teaches straight from the Bible and it’s very easy to follow along. I have been going for two years now, and I have had nothing but nice experiences. They offer many different groups and host many events throughout the year. I am into my second week of the Rooted program and it has already made a huge impact on my life. I can’t wait to continue watching the church grow.


Sanctuary is an awesome church! Rod gives amazing messages that are scripturally based, touch the heart, and prepare me for life. The music is uplifting and prepares my heart for the message. The nursery, kids church, and youth ministry help make it a well-rounded church. I can’t wait to enjoy the men’s ministry as we go trout fishing soon! The Bible study called Rooted is an awesome small group Bible study that helps to examine the heart while building fellowship with other believers. Give Sanctuary a try you’ll be glad you did!


I’m finally home!! Blessed by an amazing church family. So incredibly grateful for Sanctuary Church.


Everything a church should be! Energetic and spirit-filled worship. Every single person is warm & welcoming, never judging. Lots of energy and fun activities. Sermons are right on point and applicable. Adult groups and kids activities make all ages feel loved and valued. Mission opportunities as well. All these things make a great place for people if God to gather.


I love Sanctuary. The heart of the pastors is amazing. We were welcomed with open arms, open hearts and joy. The worship team is full of the spirit and just blesses me every week. The high school team has changed our boys from being kids who didn’t want to go to church to kids who can’t wait to go! Praise the Lord!


Sanctuary Church has truly been my sanctuary since 2007. It is a church of gifted teaching pastors and leaders. I feel God moving in great and wondrous ways there.


We were looking for a local church that we enjoyed, but also that our kids enjoyed. My kids can tell me what they learned which is something I really appreciate. I want to know my kids are learning something from the Bible & that they understand it.
I enjoy Pastor Rod’s teaching that I can follow with scripture reflections I can refer to for further study. Rod usually includes personal stories with many illustrations to get the point across clearly. I enjoy his honesty, humbleness, and great sense of humor. The worship band is awesome & I’m always set in a place of openness to receive the following teaching.
We are blessed to be a part of Sanctuary Church.


Rooted is an amazing small group experience that will change your life. My husband and I went through the couples group and made some wonderful, strong friendships. Everyone should go through Rooted at least once- it’ll take your relationship with God, and with people, to the next level. Sanctuary is really is a church for anyone. The people are very warm and welcoming. My husband and I have been attending for over eight years. The pastor Rods vision for the community can be felt from the Pastors who are always around to talk with you to the many opportunities to meet in small groups during the week. I love Women’s Bible Study and events. I look forward to the Sunday Night Worship Experience all week! There are a lot of great opportunities for spiritual growth and new friendships at Sanctuary.


My favorite day of the week is Sunday when I go to worship at Sanctuary! I am completely RESTORED after service.
Sanctuary is my home and has been the first church I have felt welcomed from the first moment I stepped foot on campus.
Rooted was a life changing group and I highly recommend you sign-up!
I have never felt so LOVED for just being me!
Thank you for accepting me, loving me and my two children!


We’ve traveled to many churches big and small and we seem to be at home here @ Sanctuary! Everyone is so welcoming and they embrace that we are all real people that don’t always walk with God in everything we do…they never look down on you or make you feel bad that you fell off the wagon on attending church on Sundays they just welcome you with arms wide open and encouraging words like you’ve been part of the church family forever!!! Thank you to all of the people @ Sanctuary Church for being part of our family and guiding our family closer to God everyday!


To be a part of this New and rapidly growing church “Sanctuary” has truly opened my heart to have this most amazing relationship with God! In my time here, I have experienced a complete change of life! I’ve matured! Grown spiritually! I was even Baptised in front of the church after a Sunday service! In a nutshell, Sanctuary will treat you like family and they do things that will blow your mind and leave you positively wanting more! Come to see for yourself!


Love Sanctuary and the warm, welcoming church family! Creative and memorable services that explain God’s Word and how to use it as a guidebook for daily living. I was profoundly moved by one service in particular where church members openly shared past struggles that were overcome through the healing power of Christ. It had a tremendous impact on me because we’re all flawed and struggling in some way. But, with a church home and family, we don’t have to go it alone. Thank you to all at Sanctuary for providing the love, acceptance, and support we all need!


I love Sanctuary church! The Bible is taught in a clear and dynamic way. The music is contemporary and upbeat. The people are loving and REAL! Everyone is on the same journey of learning what it means to live as a Christian and how to strengthen their walk with Christ. People from all walks of life are welcome. Whether you’re a new believer or a senior saint, there’s a place for you to get plugged in. If you’re looking for an awesome church, where you can come as you are, come check out Sanctuary! You’ll be glad you did!


Sanctuary Church changed my life. Pastor Rod devotes his life to the people of the church and invests his time in the people who make up Sanctuary Church. There is a unique opportunity to be mentored here. If you are looking for great community and sound teaching look no further than Sanctuary Church!


Services meet Sunday at 9:00am & 11:00am at Mesa View Middle School (800 Mustang Way, Calimesa CA 92320)

Ministry Center & Mailing Address: 1090 5th St Suite 102A Calimesa, CA 92320

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