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When we serve others, we experience God's joy. 

Sanctuary is a place where you can make a difference, whether it's working with kids, playing/singing on the worship team, parking cars, helping tear down after service, or serving in one of the many other areas that Sanctuary has to offer. 

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Kids Ministry

We need your help! Would you like to become a part of an amazing Children's Ministry team? We have the opportunity for you! We serve kids ages nursery thru 5th grade. This is a fun and exciting way to further God's kingdom. We will train and equip you with the resources you need. Come join the team! 

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Youth Ministry

Sanctuary Yth is one of the funnest places to serve! Our Yth team plan fun, impactful services and events to teach, grow and engage our youth. If you are young at heart and want to help make world changers, this is the place for you! Who says you can’t serve and have fun!


Hope City

Sanctuary Hope City is the San Bernardino campus of Sanctuary Church. Join us and serve where you can make a difference by impacting the lives of a largely homeless community. Currently, this ministry is in need of people who can serve in their kid's ministry. Please call 951.750.0130 if you'd like to join the team! 


Sunday Mornings

Sanctuary has many options where you can share your gifts and talents with God's people. 

Join the team and you can experience God’s joy on Sunday mornings from helping with set up or tear down, greeting, directing cars in the parking lot, praying with others after the service, just to name a few!

We encourage you to check out one of these areas to serve and be a blessing to the church!


Worship Team

We believe that Worship is our response to God’s faithfulness. We have been created in the image of God to glorify him through our worship. One way this is done at Sanctuary is through music! Let us know if you would like to audition! Call 951.750.0130 for more information! 

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