A one day man camp at the 600 acre ironwood ranch

MAN CAMP was born out of a stirring in my soul that God has more for men. 


MAN CAMP is a kick start to your best life.  Everything about MAN CAMP is designed for maximum impact.  This is an invitation to brotherhood and a life of meaning and purpose.  It’s an invitation to commune with God and receive prayer.  An invitation to have fun, make friends and grow in faith. 


MAN CAMP is not another sit and soak event.  Man camp is adventurous, adrenaline inducing and anything but ordinary.  


MAN CAMP brings 10-12 men together in an off-the-grid real life ranch experience.  It’s an overnight adventure for men 18 and older.  It’s a break from the numbing grind and distractions of ordinary life.  MAN CAMP is a bunch of guys drinking some life into their lungs.  


This is MAN CAMP

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